Joanne Froggatt would ''love'' to make a 'Downton Abbey' movie.

The hit TV show is currently in its final series, but Joanne - who stars as Anna Bates in the period drama - has revealed she would happily return to the set once the final episode has aired.

Asked about turning the show into a movie, the 35-year-old actress said: ''It's a great idea, it would be lovely and I would love to do it. The difficulty would be getting everyone together.

''The first episode aired tonight in the UK so it's such lovely timing, I'm so happy to be here. I have to fly back so can't go to a party but will have a glass of champagne on the flight instead.''

Joanne's remarks come shortly after her 'Downton' co-star Phyllis Logan said she ''definitely'' wants to make a movie.

However, she admitted there are a number of obstacles standing in the way of the movie getting made.

Asked if she's keen to star in a 'Downton' film, Phyllis said: ''Well, I definitely would. It would be lovely. But logistically it's quite complex because there are so many of us.''