Award-winning actress Jodie Comer has wowed audiences with her turn as assassin Villanelle on critically-acclaimed series, Killing Eve. With her brilliant turn has come more exposure and the 25-year-old Brit has spoken about her struggle with fame after being catapulted into the limelight following the success of the show.

Jodie ComerJodie Comer says she struggles with fame

Speaking on the Two Shot Podcast, the Doctor Foster star said there was a 'whole other world' when the camera stops rolling.

She admitted she finds it 'difficult' to be criticised by people online, while she added that incidents where people have filmed her without her knowledge make her 'paranoid'.

In the interview, which was originally posted in December, she explained: "The job I do doesn't end when the camera stops rolling, there's this whole other world."

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Discussing her appearance on a US talk show, Jodie admitted she 'stupidly watched it and read the YouTube comments' which slammed her for 'losing her accent'.

She said: "I know all the people who comment on YouTube are aliens anyway, but I was speaking as myself and they were saying I'm losing my accent.

"I'd adapted it a little bit because it's an American audience and a lot of the time people are like, 'What is she saying?'

"That's a whole other world to me. That side of things is something I can find difficult. I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not, but I worry that sometimes it comes across all over the place."

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Going on to discuss the moment a fan filmed her getting a drink at a bar during a concert, she said: "I was oblivious at the bar getting a drink, this girl next to me videoing me and I didn't know. "My mate Liv just tapped her and was like, 'Can you not do that?' The girl felt really embarrassed and I was like, 'It's fine, just say hello'.

"I'd rather that than being videoed and I'm unaware because then I start getting paranoid. It's so intrusive."