Jodie Foster's Golden Globes speech was quite something, huh? We can't imagine anyone was expecting that. Of course, the headlines will be about her sexuality, and for someone pleading for privacy, she certainly picked the least private moment to come out to the world, but if it sends out a message of equality, then who are we to judge. 

"Whenever anybody of the stature of Jodie Foster, a respected actress for almost 50 years, comes out and talks about her personal life and sexuality it's a big deal," Wilson Cruz, GLAAD spokesperson and actor on My So-Called Life, told E! News. Cruz also noted that while "some people want [Foster] to be more is not our job to tell people how or when to come out..." Cruz added that Foster used Sunday as "a great opportunity for her to say I am not ashamed of who I am."Fred Sainz, spokesperson for Human Right Campaign, thought Foster's speech "took an incredible amount of guts and she should be commended for this and she was under no responsibility to do so."

"While awkward and clearly uncomfortable, the sense of the message I got was that she didn't want [her sexuality] to be the headline," Sainz added. "She merely wants to be known for the quality of her work and relationships in her life and not her sexuality and that is a lofty goal we are all working towards."