Jodie Kidd doesn't believe in extreme diets and exercise.

The 35-year-old former model is an advocate for healthy living but claims that when it comes to fitness, people should take their time and build up to doing more intense workouts while maintaining a healthy diet.

She said: ''Fitness and dieting should never be extreme. It should be gradual and balanced. You need to test your body and find what works for you. You need to push yourself and sometimes it does hurt, but it shouldn't be extreme.''

The television personality also represents what is called an '80/20' lifestyle, where you stick to healthy eating eighty per cent of the time and allow yourself treats for the remaining time, but she admits that because she loves exercising she doesn't feel like it's a chore.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''A good run should release your endorphins and make you feel fantastic.

''Unless you're a sports professional, there is no need to feel stressed over you regime. If you get stressed about training then I think you are going about it wrong.''

Speaking about her modelling career - which she began at just 16-years-old - Jodie revealed she had to be a lot stricter with her diet.

She added: ''I did exercise regularly to stay toned and lean while avoiding too much muscle building. Unfortunately it meant I had to avoid Italian restaurants as I adore pizza!''