Jodie Marsh insists she's just good friends with Towie star Kirk Norcross despite her recent raunchy photo-shoot with him. The mind-boggling photos show the glamour-model-turned-tatooist-turned-professional-lesbian-turned-body-builder in a variety of bizarre outfits and poses but even though they are stark naked in some of the shots, 33 year-old Marsh - who insists that she is celibate - says that Kirk is too young for her.
"I'm always snogging Kirk, and while he wants it go further, I'm not putting out for him," says Jodie, showing her demure side. Kirk needn't feel too rejected though; it's not just him that Jodie won't sleep with. She also draws a line at the disgraced X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza, another Essex boy that she just loves to hang out with, but not hang loose with. Showing real restraint in the dating department, Jodie explains "It's the same with Frankie. I love those guys, but they're young." She claims only to have 'spooned' with Cocozza, apparently concerned that she might somehow destroy the young lothario, should she ever take things further with him: "I could teach them a thing or two in the bedroom, I'd ruin them!" she said of Frankie and Kirk.
Jodie told The Sun that her celibacy is so long-lived that she would consider being a lesbian again. It's a switch that she turned off some time ago but apparently she has a lot of lesbian admirers who just love her new muscly body and she'd definitely consider being a lesbian once more. "So would I go with a girl again? I would never say never to anything. I'm quite fearful of men because I've had lots of bad experiences. If you can appreciate a sexy woman, then why not?" Why not, indeed! Just don't ruin them!