Jodie Marsh claims her mother is ''dying at home'' from cancer amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The 41-year-old bodybuilder and model says her mum was ''turfed out'' of hospital amidst the current health crisis, despite having the ''most aggressive growing cancer''.

Responding to a post by charity Balls To Cancer, which urged people with cancer symptoms to go to A&E if they needed to, Jodie said: ''Not quite true. My mum was basically turfed out of hospital and told 'come back in eight weeks' even though she has the most aggressive growing cancer her consultant had ever seen. Thrown out of hospital because of Covid. No treatment. She's dying at home. No word from hospital.''

And when one fan suggested she had ''cannabis oil and a alkaline diet'', she replied: ''We've already done/are doing both. Her cancer is so aggressive. We've been told what treatment she needs but hospital won't see her til June. Sickening x (sic)''

Jodie also claimed the hospital ''lied'' to her and her mother as they said there is ''nothing more they can do for her''.

Writing on Twitter, she added: ''I'm so so sorry for you. There are no words. I know what you've been through cos we're going through it now. I can't even comprehend this at all. And it's the fact that the hospital lied to us too. They said 'there's nothing more we can do for her' which is untrue.... x x x (sic)''

One fan shared her own story: ''Jodie I'm so sorry to hear this. I've seen this so many times over the last 8 weeks and some awful situations in my job (hospice nurse and district nursing). I really hope things improve for you all. Sending best wishes x (sic)''