Jodie Marsh likes sending ''dirty texts'' to Frankie Cocozza.

The 33-year-old bodybuilder admits she enjoys a flirty relationship with the former 'x factor' contestant - who publicly admitted he wanted to bed her - and even though they have shared a bed before they did nothing more than ''spoon''.

She said: ''He sent me this message saying, 'Can I come round and f**k you?

''So I text him back saying, 'Are you drunk?' Frankie and I do send each other dirty texts. He has spent the night at my house, in my bed. But we just had a cuddle. We spooned.''

Jodie believes the 19-year-old singer may have been scared when they were in bed together, and she admits she is put off him because of his hard partying ways.

Speaking to heat magazine, she added: ''He was really good. I think he got a bit scared when he was actually in my bed. One thing that would stop me having a fling with Frankie is that he's too much of a party boy. If I was going to open the floodgates, I know I'd want it five times a night, and Frankie's not reliable enough to give me that.''