Jodie Marsh is still doing OnlyFans.

The former Page 3 model, who has found love with builder Mark, is still producing adult content on the X-rated subscription site to help fund the upkeep and repairs and pay for a full-time manager of her beloved Fripps Farm in Essex.

She told heat magazine: "Yeah. At the moment, I'm basically doing it to fund the farm. When I moved here, I had to put fencing in to secure all the animals and it cost 60 grand.

I wouldn't have been able to pay for that if it wasn't for OnlyFans. No way.

I do OnlyFans to pay Steph [the farm manager] to be here full-time."

The 44-year-old animal fanatic has recently started romancing the hunky builder, who comes in very handy at the farm.

Asked how they met, she shared: "I met Mark because he's a builder and he built animal enclosures for me.

He started working here properly this February and basically, one thing led to another."

Jodie says it was important to be with someone who not only loves animals but is happy to spend time on the farm and not go out partying all the time.

She gushed: "He's really lovely and he just gets it. I have to be with someone that loves animals and understands that they come first.

"It's not a normal life, I can't go out loads and I don't want to. I'm happier here than I am anywhere else in the world."

Jodie, who has more than 400 rescued animals from meerkats to deer and emus and is currently taking a diploma with the intention to become a vet, says Mark is a huge hit with her animal family.

Asked if they get on with him, she added: "Yeah, very much so. The animals all love him and he loves them."