Actress Jodie Sweetin's estranged husband Morty Coyle has poured out his heart over the couple's split and impending divorce in tracks for his rock band's new album.

Coyle separated from the Full House actress in 2013 after a year of marriage and their split threatened to turn nasty as they battled over custody of their four-year-old daughter, Beatrix.

However, Sweetin insists the two are "happily moving on" from the break-up and are close to finalising their divorce, telling they are "working on raising Bea together".

All Day Sucker rocker Coyle echoes her sentiments, claiming he wishes nothing but the best for his ex, who he had initially dedicated his group's new album to before their separation.

He began writing the project as a love letter to Sweetin, but used his music to express his feelings as their marriage crumbled and now he is urging fans to check out the band's latest material to get an insight into their parting.

He says, "Listen to All Day Sucker's new album Denim Days for anything else you may want to know. No hard feelings."

The divorce marks Sweetin's third failed marriage. She also has another daughter, called Zoie, from her second union to Cody Herpin, which ended in 2010.