Having gained a niche but dedicated following alongside Adam Buxton with their comedy antics, Joe Cornish has made the successful transition to film directing and writing. But is he ready for his biggest challenge of all time? And will they even give him the Star Trek 3 job?

The position is vacant due to J.J. Abrams' decision to jump ship and join the other galaxy of Star Wars – Episode VII, despite numerous casting and script problems – due for a summer 2015 release.

Cornish does have film pedigree: his low-budget flick, Attack the Block, featured a full-scale alien invasion and the subsequent reaction from a small group of impoverished London teenagers. It was a triumph of sorts, and certainly announced the director’s talents.

Since then, he joined the writing team for The Adventures of Tin Tin, and co-wrote Ant-Man alongside Edgar Wright, who is directing the Marvel studios film. He’s also working with Paramount – the studio in charge of the Star Trek films - on an adaption of Snow Crash.

In Cornish’s favour are a few important facets; he hasn’t got much of a reputation to tarnish in the film world, meaning he can attack the project with less pressure; he’s a super geek through and through, meaning he should be able to please the die–hard fans, and he’s already in with the Paramount guys.

It would be a risky appointment for sure. Abrams gained critical appraise for his two films, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness and his absence for the third will surely be felt.

Some quarters of the geek community won’t be happy with Cornish, should he get the opportunity, especially the Americans, who won’t necessarily have heard of him. But as a lover of the franchise as a sturdy sci-fi nerd himself, we think he’d represent a sterling choice.

Joe Cornish and Edgar WrightJoe Cornish and Edgar Wright wrote Ant-Man