GIRLS GONE WILD founder JOE FRANCIS has threatened to sue a New York-based website for $10 million (£6.25 million) following a story labelling him a rapist.
Francis is fuming over a recent article on, in which he was crowned the winner of its Douche of the Decade poll and was tagged with the label.
Francis has never been accused of rape - and he exploded with fury when he saw the online report.
In an email to Gawker founder Nick Denton, Francis writes: "You messed with the wrong guy. No one makes up lies about me and gets away with it. I lost a $10 million deal as a direct result of you calling me 'a rapist.' You will be paying me every dime of that back and more! Are you mentally retarded? Do your research first. I am coming after you harder than I ever went after anyone. I am going to wipe you off the grid!!!! YOU ARE DONE! I will take everything you have. You, Nick Denton, are truly the douche of the decade. Merry Xmas IDIOT!!! "
Francis attached a photograph of himself topless, adding: "I sent you an updated picture of how I look now... because you seem to be quite sexually obsessed with me."
The media mogul elaborated to the New York Post, "They used Wikipedia as their source. It's pathetic."
Gawker has not been served with any papers by Francis, according to managing editor Gabriel Snyder, who says the website has no plans to retract the story.