Joe Perry insists Aerosmith's problems are far from over - he's not convinced bandmate Steven Tyler is still a part of the band, even though he joined the guitarist onstage in New York on Tuesday (10Nov09) and dismissed reports he had quit the rockers.
Perry admits he was stunned when Tyler turned up for his solo show, asked to join him onstage and then told fans he hadn't left Aerosmith.
He said, "I just want New York to know that I'm not leaving Aerosmith. The break-up - it just ain't true."
But he didn't hang around to talk to Perry after the show and discuss recent reports suggesting he wanted to go solo.
And now the guitarist admits Tyler's appearance onstage with him is a blur.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "There was all this commotion during our encore break and somebody said, ‘Steven is here.’ I was like, 'What?'"
Tyler asked to sit in with the group on the final encore of Walk This Way and Perry agreed, adding, "So he came up and sang and that was the last I saw of him."
Despite the latest news about the band turmoil, Perry insists Aerosmith is still considering touring and recording with a new singer: "He (Tyler) wants to take two years off from the band. The rest of the band wants to keep on working. We have so many different options to fill up that time. Anything is possible at this point."