Avid fans of the Super Bowl champions New England Patriots, the bandmates were thrilled to get the call, asking them to perform in Canton, Ohio.

Guitarist Joe Perry says, "Having grown up in Lawrence (Massachusetts), 45 minutes from (the Patriots') Foxboro Stadium and seen the franchise grow has been an amazing experience. As Aerosmith began travelling the world and became our own Hall of Famers, seeing the Patriots under the brilliant guidance of the Kraft family (owners), we would hear the news of our hometown team winning again as we were doing a show in a far flung corner of the world and we would swell with pride and think, 'Ya, those are our boys'.

"The fact that American football is worldwide news, shows the intensity of the game and the impact of how you play it. On behalf of Aerosmith we would like to congratulate all of you Hall of Famers, owners, the commissioner of NFL (National Football League), and of course our hometown team the Patriots. To perform this show for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Hall of Famers is truly a great honour. You only get here by playing the game with all of your heart and soul."

Bandmate Tom Hamilton adds, "When we started out, jocks (sportsmen) did not hang out with long haired musicians longer than it took to beat them up. Finally we have a meeting of the minds based on mutual respect. It'll be a great honour to be there that night."