Joe Perry's son ADRIAN decided to train as a lawyer as well as playing in his own band in a bid to avoid the same music copyright issues which plagued his famous father as a young musician.
The Aerosmith guitarist struggled when he first broke into the music industry as he had no knowledge of the legal issues he could face - and Adrian Perry is adamant he won't suffer the same problems.
The 29 year old plays in TAB the Band with his brother Tony and the group's music has been featured in U.S. TV shows Entourage and CSI:NY - but he spends his days working as a lawyer for a top firm in New York.
He tells the New York Post, "I just don't sleep. There are some hairy moments doing this, but, in my mind, it's very much worth it... I'd seen the various mishaps with my dad's music career. When he was a young musician, he'd gotten screwed over a bunch of times, and I just felt I wanted to protect myself...
"It's pretty absurd. I find myself in bizarre scenarios all the time. I remember one example of trying to get out to a show in New Haven (Connecticut), and I had to run to Grand Central (station in New York) and change (from a suit and tie) in the bathroom and then run on to the train. I had to work (on legal stuff) on the train until I got there, and my brother picked me up at the train station, and I was working in the van all the way to the gig. (After) the show, I got back in the car, and we were driving up to Boston for another show, and I just kept working... It definitely helps having that training dealing with agents and venues."
And Adrian's dad is encouraging his son's spin-off career: "He definitely was a supporter of me going to law school. If anything, he was more supportive of that than pushing me to being a musician."