In April of 2018, the next huge chapter in the 'Avengers' story will be told in 'Infinity War', as villain Thanos does his all to complete his Infinity Gauntlet and gain ultimate power over all. With a slew of heroes going up against him to stop him in his tracks, and teams being formed of the likes we've never seen before, the film looks set to be one of the biggest the world has ever seen.

Spider-Man will join the heroes in fighting Thanos in 'Infinity War'Spider-Man will join the heroes in fighting Thanos in 'Infinity War'

Joe and Anthony Russo have directed the flick, which will bring back the usual faces such as Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), whilst also bringing the likes of Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and the Guardians of the Galaxy into the fold. It's going to be a treasure trove of excitement for comic book fans, and a historic moment in superhero movie history.

With all of the roster of heroes working together however, the stakes are of course higher than ever before. With that comes danger, and the chance that some won't be making it out of 'Infinity War' alive.

Speaking with fans at Sina Weibo, Joe Russo explained: "So, for us, its very important that the heroes feel pain and that they make sacrifices because I think that, not only is it great storytelling, but it also is inspiring and I think we need a lot of inspiration in this world right now. So, for us, I don’t know if we can ever get you to accept it, but I promise you this: we’ll do our damnedest to tell you the best story possible, and what you do with it from there is up to you."

He had previously said at the event: "And for us, the best stories have stakes. Characters have to make sacrifices. To really, really feel the true emotion and the hero’s journey they have to go through trials and those trials could cost them something."

The comments come after it was already confirmed that 'Infinity War' would be the "final chapter" for some of the characters we've all grown to love over the years, but exactly how that shakes out remains to be seen. If one thing's for certain though, it's that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be going through some major changes in the near future.

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'Avengers: Infinity War' will come to cinemas across the UK on April 27, 2018.