Is Jessica Simpson’s dad having a mid-life crisis?

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the 54 year-old father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson might be going through some kind of radical life-transformation at the moment, spurred on by his recent separation from the girls’ mother – his wife of 34 years.

The most worrying piece of evidence has just been published by TMZ. Joe seems to have had some kind of makeover, though we’re not entirely sure who he had hired as his stylist. Joe’s pictured with a new blonde crop with highlights and he had topped it off with a lemon-yellow sweater, black skinny jeans and some yellow trainers. Frankly, he looked a little bit like a bumble bee.

Just days ago, the news broke of Joe Simpson’s divorce from TINA SIMPSON, Jessic and Ashlee’s mother. The couple have been married for 34 years but Tina filed for divorce last month (September 2012), claiming that “The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.” A representative for the family released a statement insisting that the split is an amicable one, though Joe reportedly filed a response to Tina’s divorce petition, insisting that she get nothing from the divorce.

Back in August, there was further evidence of Joe Simpson’s problems, when he was arrested for DUI in Sherman Oaks. He spent the night in jail and is awaiting his punishment for that particular crime but after seeing these recent snaps, it’s the fashion police that he needs to be watching out for.