Jessica Simpson's father has been arrested for Dui (driving under the influence). Tmz have revealed that Joe Simpson got pulled over by the cops on August 4, 2012, in Sherman Oaks, near Ventura Boulevard. The 54 year-old was visibly intoxicated and the cops didn't waste any time making sure that he paid the price for his mistake. Being a celebrity dad doesn't mean you get to drink and drive, Joe!
Lapd cops pulled Simpson's car over at about 10pm. When they spoke to him, it didn't take them long to realise that he was drunk and they snapped a pair of cuffs on him and took him to the clink, where he was left to sober up and presumably supply a breath test. He spent the night in jail, according to Tmz and was released, without bail, at 9:41am the following morning. It's Joe's first offence, so it's unlikely that he'll have to get used to life in a cell but he will almost definitely get slapped with a hefty fine. The case has been sent to the prosecutors in the LA City Attorney's Office so he'll have to sit tight and wait for his punishment.
Mr. Simpson isn't the only one hitting the headlines for their drunken behaviour recently, either. In fact, this incident look pretty tame, compared to Randy Travis's recent attempt at grabbing attention, over in Texas. Travis reportedly walked into a convenience store to buy some smokes but not only was he heavily inebriated - he was also very much naked! The cops caught up with him when his attempts to drive his motor failed and he crashed on a nearby road.