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10th July 2012

Tweet: "32 years ago today God have me a very special Angel. Happy Birthday Jessica!! U make me a proud to be ur (your) father." Joe Simpson wishes his daughter Jessica a happy birthday.

20th October 2011

Tweet: "Makes me crazy when people lie about my children!!" Music mogul Joe Simpson hints that reports suggesting his daughter Jessica is pregnant are false.

11th July 2011

Tweet: "31 years ago today, Tina and I were blessed with a special gift from God. Happy Bday Jessica." Joe Simpson wishes daughter Jessica a happy birthday on

15th June 2008

Quote: "I would love to have a boy, but I know how to raise girls so I'm good with that." Ashlee Simpson's manager/father Joe Simpson doesn't know the sex of his first unborn grandchild.

11th June 2008

Quote: "That's going well. She is as happy as I've seen her in years. He's a great guy. I love Tony to death... He's just a good kid." Jessica Simpson's manager/father Joe Simpson dismisses reports the pop star has split with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

10th June 2008

Quote: "I love PETE to death. He has a patient spirit and a kind heart. I'm honoured to have Pete as my son-in-law." Minister-turned-pop svengali Joe Simpson is delighted with his daughter ASHLEE's choice of husband.

31st August 2006

Quote: "We have no battle and he's a part of our family. We shared things together and JESSICA will always love him." Nick Lachey's former father-in-law Joe Simpson denies reports he and the pop star are at war.

17th March 2006

Quote: "JESSICA (SIMPSON) loves the heck out of him." Joe Simpson denies reports that his famous daughter snubbed US President George W Bush.

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