Joel Edgerton insists he hasn't fallen out with Leonardo Dicaprio.

The Australian star - who has been filming alongside the American actor in the highly anticipated movie 'The Great Gatsby' - sparked rumours of a bitter feud between the pair after he revealed there was an ''unhealthy friction'' between him and Leonardo's character, Jay Gatsby, in one of the film's key scenes.

He said: ''For me Tom is a beast that has to exist on set and it's in me and it comes out of me and I enjoy it. There's a kind of unhealthy friction that exists between Leo and I on set.''

His comments provoked claims of a rivalry between the two stars but the 38-year-old actor insists they got along really well and told American breakfast show 'Good Morning America' his remarks were misinterpreted.

He said: ''I think that was taken a little bit out of context. We got along really well... The Plaza scene, we shot for a number of days and the tension was very high when we rolled but we had a good time off set.''