Fans of Joel Kinnaman will be gutted to hear that the actor doesn't think he'll be returning for a second season of 'Altered Carbon', even if the series gets renewed on Netflix. Tackling the role of Takeshi Kovacs across one batch of episodes seems to have been enough for this star, but there's actually more to do with the canon of the novel series (by Richard Morgan) on which the show is based for his remarks, rather than him explicitly saying he wouldn't want to make a comeback.

Joel Kinnaman seems to be out of any future 'Altered Carbon' seasonsJoel Kinnaman seems to be out of any future 'Altered Carbon' seasons

Set deep into the future, 'Altered Carbon' takes a look at a world where death isn't permanent, and people can come back in completely different bodies, known as 'new sleeves' whenever they've been killed or expired in their former life. It's a unique idea, and one that allowed for quite the huge cliffhanger in the original season's final episode.

Despite that, Kinnaman now thinks that the future of 'Altered Carbon' lies on another planet, with a whole new set of characters and storylines.

Speaking with TV Guide, the actor explained: "I don’t think so, no. We have no idea what the second season would be, but my guess is that they would follow the two other books, and they are all on completely different planets, completely different worlds, and my guess is — and I don’t know — my guess is that it’s sort of going to be an anthology show where maybe a couple of the characters continue into the next season. But no one knows what’s going on in the second season."

There's no official news on what creator Laeta Kalogridis wants to do with the series moving forward if it does indeed live on to make at least one more season, but from what Kinnaman has been saying, discussions may have already been taking place behind-the-scenes suggesting that his talent won't be needed in any potential future episodes.

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'Altered Carbon' is available now on Netflix.