Four seasons in, Netflix’s The Killing is getting the axe in 2015. Judging from the first trailer for the final season though, the show is going out with a bang, or in The Killing terms, the biggest mystery Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) and Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) have faced so far. Watch the trailer, complete with moody music and gray-ish filter.

Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman returns to The Killing, after an unsuccessful turn in the rebooted RoboCop.

The trailer picks up some time after the events of season three, with Linden and Holder doing some damage control after their rash actions. But there’s no time to dwell on the past, as the detectives are assigned a new case. All the members of a seemingly perfect family are murdered, except for the son, Kyle Stansbury (Tyler Ross), who was shot in the head during the massacre. This is the only synopsis offered by Netflix, via RTE.

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Judging by the trailer, things are about to get a whole lot darker and very personal as our pair of heroes unravel the disturbing case and face their own demons at the same time.

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The new series will feature guest star Joan Allen as Colonel Margaret Rayne, the principal of the military academy where the young Kyle is a student.

Netflix is currently streaming seasons one, two and three, with the final season due to go live on August 1 - the perfect month for a binge watch. And by that, of course, we mean “enjoy in moderation.”

Mireille Enos
Mireille Enos returns for an intense seven-episode run.