Actress Joely Richardson is preparing to take legal action over a revealing new book about her famous family.
Tim Adler's The House of Redgrave was serialised in a U.K. daily newspaper earlier this month (May11), and the actress is far from impressed by what she read.
In the unauthorised biography, Adler claims Richardson's mother, Vanessa Redgrave, was a Marxist while her late bisexual father, Tony Richardson, was caught in bed with his father-in-law.
In an open letter published in Britain's Sunday Telegraph, she writes, "My mother did not walk in to find her father in bed with her husband. Silly as pie on one hand, highly defamatory on the other... My father's bisexuality is a foot note if anything, not a headline of what defined his great contribution to the arts.
"My mother, for the last 20 years anyway, would not call herself a Marxist but a human-rights activist. In fact she has not been a member of any political party for decades... Does a woman who lost her eldest daughter, sister and brother within a year need to be reminded of how she might have failed loved ones 30 years ago?"
Redgrave lost her daughter Natasha Richardson, in 2009 following a skiing accident, while her brother Corin and sister Lynne both died last year (10).
Richardson concludes, "As a family we are taking legal action. To newspapers and publishing houses, I urge the use of fact over fiction, freedom of the press, and responsibility at all times."