Joey Fatone is the latest of the Dancing With The Stars contestants to bite the dust, as the ex-N Sync boy-bander was voted off the show, reports The Washington Post.

He didn’t seem too perturbed, though: “I’ll miss everybody out here,” Fatone said as the show ended. “I’m actually going to a wedding tomorrow, so I don’t give a damn! I’m going to have a good long as I had fun, I don’t care what your votes say.” As the pair headed to the centre of the ballroom for a final dance, partner Kym put her arms around him and sobbed on his shoulder as he patted her back. The pair had managed a judges' score of 22.5 out of a possible 30 for their Chaplin-esque quickstep Monday night, and come results night, they were out of luck and off the show.

Going into Tuesday's results show, Bristol Palin was way at the bottom of the pack with a low score of 18, but somehow she managed to survive to dance another week, and she’ll have to up her game, as a daunting double elimination looms over the celebs and their partners. “It is what it is, I’m going to get 6’s no matter what,” she moaned backstage to Mark, clearly upset with her low scoring.