Joey King says filming plays havoc with her skin.

The 'Kissing Booth' actress tries to look after her skin as much as she can but admitted that new routines and products on set can affect her complexion.

She told ''I think the hardest thing for my skin is when I step on a new set and they start using products on me that I'm not used to.''

Joey, 20, also revealed that she loves make-up but sunscreen is her top beauty must-have.

She explained: ''Sunscreen is so important to me. Whatever foundation you use, whatever works for you, either it needs to have SPF or you need to put it on yourself. I've always, always loved makeup since I was a little girl. I can't shy away from a little sparkle.''

Meanwhile, Joey previously revealed that she became her ''most confident'' and ''happy self'' when she shaved her head.

The actress chopped off her brown locks after she was cast as Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the Hulu true-crime series 'The Act', and revealed that shaving her hair off was liberating because she used to ''hide behind'' her locks and was subsequently ''forced to confront'' herself without it.

She said: ''I got rid of something that I usually hide behind, and that so many of us hide behind, and I was forced to confront myself and just be with myself with no hair.

''[Between that] and diving into such a complex character every day, I really just became my most confident and happy self.''

However, Joey admitted that her family and friends were worried about her shaving off her locks because of the ''mean things'' that would be said about her by trolls online.

She said: ''I remembered the way I felt when people said mean things when I was younger. But then I fully decided that I wanted to do it and when the day came along, I was like 'Get this s*** off my head!'

''Everybody was concerned about me shaving my head, not because of what I would look like, but because they remembered what I went through online the past times.

''They were like, 'Do you want to go through [that] again?' But when I decided I was willing to take that risk, they were like, 'All right, well then we are fully behind you.' And I'm super thankful that they are.''