Scottish actor John Barrowman once soiled his trousers onstage after he unwittingly downed a drink laced with a laxative.
The Doctor Who star was appearing in a show when he became desperate to go to the bathroom, but bravely soldiered on with his performance.
Revealing the incident on British comedy show Never Mind The Buzzcocks on Monday night (19Dec11), he explained, "I have a confession to make. I have c**pped myself onstage. I was wearing white polyester pants... I was singing a song and I thought I would fart and I went and completely had follow-through all down (my trousers).
"The person who was my understudy had put laxative in my water a couple of hours prior. I was (dancing), and I thought (as a) true professional, 'Don't stop the number', but I could see the people in the front row (noticing)."