John Boyega's mother compared him to David Beckham as she told him off for his secret chest tattoo.

The 'Star Wars' actor - whose real name is John Adedyo B. Adegboyega - admitted he faced a dressing down from his mum when she found out about his ink, and he revealed the fallout from the discovery in a series of Twitter posts.

Sharing a gif of a nervous Kermit The Frog, he wrote: ''Been hiding my chest tattoo from my mum. She just asked me call her.

''I'm shooooooookk!! Nah my mum said Adedyao. Call me. Nah why am I hearing that jumanji drumming ! (sic)''

The 28-year-old star went on to explain how his mother even compared him to the retired footballer because of the hidden design.

He added: ''Nah the talking to I just got..... she asked if I'm trying to be like DAVI BECKAM.

''David Beckham tatts are a no no for a Christian Nigerian mum with tribal marks bro. (sic)

And while he thought he'd got away with it, his sibling pointed out his father ''hasn't said a word'' yet.

He continued: ''I think I'm in the green but my sister said something important.

''Zeus dad.... hasn't said a word. (sic)''

However, there was a big twist to come as John revealed one of his sisters had revealed they were planning to get a tattoo too.

He tweeted: ''Wait wait wait!!! Plot twist!!!! My mum called my sister to share intel and my sis grace said 'I'm getting one too' (sic)''

Alongside a gif from the opening credits of 'Malcolm In The Middle' - which showed the brothers sinking to the bottom of a pool - he said: ''Me and my sister right now it was nice knowing you all. Have a good night. I actually gotta handle this byeeee! (sic)''