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Sing Review

Very Good

The quality of the animation in this musical comedy may not be up to Pixar standards, but the story and characters are thoroughly endearing. And the music is fabulous. As it follows a group of likeable animals through a variety of plots and adventures, there's plenty for everyone in the audience to connect with. So even if the climactic action mayhem gets a bit ridiculous, the movie keeps us laughing. And it also makes us want to get up on that stage and belt out a few numbers.

It's set in a city populated by animals. Buster (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) is a koala who has been obsessed with musical theatre since he saw the diva Nana (Jennifer Hudson then Jennifer Saunders) perform when he was a child. So he grew up and bought the theatre. Now with audiences waning, he stages a musical competition to save the theatre. In the auditions, he selects his finalists: anarchist porcupine Ash (Scarlett Johansson), jazzy mafioso mouse Mike (Seth MacFarlane) and silky voiced gorilla Johnny (Taron Egerton). He also teams up two pigs as a double-act: frazzled housewife Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) and German dancer Gunter (Nick Kroll). There's also golden-voiced elephant Meena (Tori Kelly), who's too shy to face the audience so takes a role backstage. Of course, nothing goes as planned.

The key conflict comes from Buster's frantic efforts to avoid bankruptcy, plus rather half-hearted action subplots involving a gang of bears and Johnny's criminally minded relatives. These generate quite a bit of tension that erupts into rather outrageously destructive slapstick along the way. More interesting are the personal journeys of the various contestants, especially as Ash, Meena and Johnny all discover their voices and Rosita finds inventive ways to balance her long-lost career with her role as a mother to 25 rambunctious piglets. Yes, the film is rather crowded with characters and storylines, and the animation looks plasticky, but everything comes together cleverly,

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Kong: Skull Island Trailer

It's the 1970s and Captain James Conrad and Lieutenant Colonel Packard are leading a group of soldiers and explorers to a seemingly idyllic unmapped location in the Pacific.

Unfortunately, their journey requires some serious collateral damage, as they are forced to bomb the island and unwittingly incite the treacherous ire of Kong, the King of Skull Island. He crushes them - literally. That's what happens when you bomb the habitat of a giant ape. But soon they realise that Kong isn't the only outsize creature they have to fear, because the island is home to a group of demonic monsters as well, some that resemble spiders and others that resemble reptiles. Their only hope is to enlist the help of the island's inhabitants, tribal men and women who worship the great Kong but disapprove of the Americans' willingness to attack their home.

Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts ('The Kings of Summer'), 'Kong: Skull Island' is a re-imagining of the King Kong story, following him to his home on Skull Island where he first originated. The screenplay was written by Dan Gilroy and Max Borenstein, and filming spanned locations the likes of Hawaii, Australia's Gold Coast and Vietnam. Starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly, the film is scheduled to be released on March 10th 2017.

Kong: Skull Island Trailer

James Conrad is a British captain who leads an international envoy to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to charter some of Earth's most distant and mysterious lands. The captain is accompanied by a number of other members on the team including Randa, a government official who appears to know a few of the islands mysteries; a female photojournalist called Weaver who is known for her war photography; US Lieutenant Colonel Packard who is in charge of the UK troops who are also part of the mission.

As the vessel approaches the island, spirits are high and the team are ready to take choppers to the green land known as Skull Island. Soon their mission becomes disastrous as the inhabitants are far more feral than they could ever imagine. Equipped with guns, Ammunition and rocket launchers, the humans feel that they're able to overcome whatever may await them on the island but the truth is that they could never come face to face and beat the beast that awaits them.

Kong: Skull Island is the latest reboot of the King Kong story and it focusses on the start of the story originally told in 1933.

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'Wreck-It Ralph 2' Confirmed For 2018

Disney John C Reilly

A sequel for the animated hit Wreck-It Ralph has been officially announced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, due to be released in 2018.

Director Rich Moore, who was in charge of the original movie that was a box office sensation in October 2012, confirmed that he was working on a follow-up during a live Facebook chat on Thursday (June 30th).

Wreck It RalphA still from 2012's 'Wreck-It Ralph'

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When Marnie Was There Review

Very Good

Japan's Studio Gibli has been responsible for some of the finest animated movies in recent decades, from 2003's Oscar-winning Spirited Away to last year's beautiful The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. Now adapted by Disney with a starry Western voice cast, their films are reaching a wider audience. And this remarkably moving drama shows how complex an animated movie should be, skilfully grappling with grown-up themes through a child's perspective.

The story comes from the Joan G. Robinson novel about Anna (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld in the English-language version), a 12-year-old who lives in Sapporo with her foster mother Yoriko (Geena Davis). But Anna isn't like the other giggly girls at school, and after an asthma attack, she moves to the countryside to live with Aunt Setsu and Uncle Kiyomasa (Grey Griffin and John C. Reilly). They give her plenty of space to explore the area, and when she spots an abandoned seaside mansion, she is unexpectedly drawn to it, befriending Marnie (Kiernan Skipka), the free-spirited girl who lives there. Anna understands that Marnie is an imaginary friend, then is surprised to find Marnie's diary hidden behind a bookshelf in the rambling house.

The twisty plot incorporates a range of elements that keep the audience off-balance: Is this a ghost story? Is Anna mentally unstable because of her difficult background? But the film is much deeper than that, and as Anna takes a fiercely original journey to self-discovery, the film touches on all kinds of resonant themes. For example, Anna struggles with her self-image, never believing that she's a talented artist, although she clearly is. This has left her feeling like no one else likes her either. So it's both fascinating and moving to watch her blossoming relationships with both the young girl Sayaka (Ava Acres) and the older woman Hisako (Vanessa Williams) who paints by the seaside. Both offer emotional insight into Anna's story.

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Tale Of Tales Trailer

Happily ever after wasn't always the way fairy tales turned out. Sometimes Princesses, Kings, Queens and their pretenders need to be careful what they wish for. The Queen of Longtrellis, The King of Highhills and The King of Strongcliff are three such people who would do anything to make their biggest dreams come true.

For the Queen of Longtrellis, all she's ever wanted is a child of her own but the king and queen haven't been able to conceive. Not willing to wait any longer, the queen consults a sorcerer who is able to grant the Queens wish at any price the enchanter wishes.

The King of Highhills was never blessed with a son, his daughter is his only living heir and invites his citizens to take part in a challenge to win the hand of his daughter. When a brute of a ogre wins his challenge, the princess is given away and begins a lonesome life with him in the mountains. However, despite the ogre abusing the slight girl, as each day passes, she becomes stronger and bides her time before the day that she can become the leader her Kingdom needs.

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When Marnie Was There Trailer

From the legendary Academy Award-winning animation house Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Arrietty, The Tale of The Princess Kaguya), comes the haunting and touching tale When Marnie Was There. A beautiful story about ever-lasting friendship based on the beloved young adult novel of the same name by Joan G. Robinson. When Marnie Was There is another superb addition to Ghibli's well-loved catalogue, receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature this year.

Sing Trailer

Buster Moon is one of the good guys, he's a koala who's lived his life for the theatre he loves. His sunny disposition is somewhat hindered at the thought of his once great and popular theatre being lost. In need of making money, Buster must come up with an idea to save his theatre - and if it can be helped, also encourage the animals of his home town also become enthusiastic about live entertainment.

Buster's secretary accidentally advertises a singing contest to the residents, the flyer explains that they're looking for a fantastic new talent and the winner of the competition will win 100,000 dollars! Buster finds his theatre is once again the centre of a bustling metropolis and goes ahead with the auditions.

There's a few standout performers including a mom who's life revolves around her 25 piglets, a gorilla who's trying to break away from a bad way of life and a small mouse who might be small but has all the wits and sneaky ambition of the other contestants combined!

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Steve Coogan And John C. Reilly To Star In Laurel And Hardy Biopic

Steve Coogan John C Reilly

British actor Steve Coogan has been cast alongside John C. Reilly in a new biopic about legendary comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. Coogan will play Stan Laurel, with Reilly taking the role of his partner Oliver Hardy. The film’s script has been penned by Jeff Pope, who worked with Coogan on Philomena and it will be directed by Filth's Jon S. Baird.

Steve CooganSteve Coogan has been cast as Stan Laurel in a new biopic.

Titled Stan & Ollie, the film will focus on the duo’s 1953 tour of UK variety halls and is described as an "emotional tribute to two of the funniest men in movie history,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is being developed by BBC Films and produced by Fable Pictures and Sonesta Films.

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Will Ferrell Honoured With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Will Ferrell John C Reilly Molly Shannon Kevin Hart

On the eve of the release of his latest movie Get Hard, Will Ferrell has been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The unveiling ceremony took place on Tuesday on Hollywood Boulevard, and was attended by fellow comics John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon.

Reilly, who was Ferrell’s co-star in Step Brothers and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, led the speeches in front of the Hollywood Wax Museum, saying “maybe someday, in 50 years, people will look down on the sidewalk and say the things that we say today about some of these people: 'Who the f--- is this guy?’”

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Wreck-it Ralph Review

Very Good

Visually ambitious and packed with inside jokes for arcade gamers, this colourful animated adventure is an enjoyable romp but is probably too energetic for its own good. It simply never settles down so that we can sink into its various settings or get to know its lively characters. So in the end we've enjoyed the talent of the animators and the vocal cast, but we feel rather exhausted.

The story is set in a vintage 1980s arcade game called Fix-it Felix Jr, in which Felix (voiced by McBrayer) must repair damage inflicted by Ralph's (Reilly)massive fists. But after 30 years, Ralph is tired of being the unloved villain. He wants to be the good guy for a change, so heads across the room into another game, the combat role-play adventure Hero's Duty. There he's trained by tough-talking squadron leader Calhoun (Lynch) and battles space insects to win a medal and escape. But a killer bug follows him into the candy-themed road-race game Sugar Rush, threatening the balance of the whole arcade.

The majority of the plot takes place here, as Ralph teams up with unloved "glitch" Vanellope to challenge the smiling tyrant King Candy (Tudyk). Unlike the pixellated Fix-it Felix Jr and the virtual reality of Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush is a pink-hued, delicious-looking land of sugary treats. Each of these games, and the transfer station between them, is populated by spirited characters with their own subplots. And there are also appearances by iconic favourites such as Pac-Man, Mario and Q*bert. So with the different animation styles and eclectic ensemble of characters, our eyes aren't bored for a second.

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Wreck-It Ralph Set For UK Release With Critics Praise In Its Ears

John C Reilly

Wreck-It Ralph finally gets its UK release this weekend after a successful time back Stateside, and with the British critics giving it plenty of endorsement, it looks like the John C. Reilly starring film could be set for a successful time at the box office.

The film holds a canny 86% fresh rating on worldwide reviews site aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and the UK press has played a part in that. “Wreck-It Ralph is a dazzling show of sound and colour, tipping its hat to the 8-bit era and modern-day touchstones” wrote Digital Spy, with The Scotsman agreeing, writing “Mostly it's a charming, funny, beautifully animated little kick ...”  The Daily Star are big fans too; they write “Witty, inventive, beautifully animated and, most importantly, heartfelt.”

However, the film has suffered a couple of knock backs from one or two big hitters. “The chubby 3D animation, smart-alecky product placement and potty humour all capped my enthusiasm about halfway to total delight” wrote The Daily Telegraph, while Time Out offers “Disney's found a lot to play with here, but you may find yourself itching to take the controls.” In the US the success of the film has been phenomenal, with the film grossing over $182 million so far.

Wreck-It Ralph Destroys Competition To Top US Box Office

John C Reilly Denzel Washington

Disney were back on top of the pile at the US Box Office over the weekend with their new animation film Wreck-It Ralph scoring the highest grossing opening weekend in Disney animation history. The film, about a video game character and featuring the voice of John C. Reilly, took in an almighty return of $49.1 million – not too shabby indeed.

The figures were especially impressive given the quiet weekend expected in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which hit the east coast of America last week. It also meant that the much-fancied Flight’, starring Denzel Washington, was forced to take a back seat, coming in at second place with takings of $25 million. Indeed, Dave Hollis, executive vice president of film distribution at Walt Disney Studios, told Reuters that the hurricane may have actually helped audiences given the amount of schools that remained shut.

"In a nice way, 'Wreck-It Ralph,' in areas affected by the storm, ended up actually becoming an opportunity to relieve yourself from the reality that might be going on around you, we saw the theater business around areas affected by the storm very healthy," he said, adding "The storm and its impact - I don't know if it was a function of cabin fever or just escaping by getting into a movie theater, but there was definitely a gravitating-towards-the- theater phenomenon." Argo, which topped last weekend’s box office, came third with takings of $10.2 million.

Hot Tickets! This Weekend's US Cinema Releases: Flight, Wreck It Ralph, The Man With The Iron Fists, Vamps

Denzel Washington John C Reilly Jack McBrayer RZA Russell Crowe Lucy Liu Eli Roth Robert Rodriguez Alicia Silverstone Krysten Ritter

All eyes are on Flight and Wreck It Ralph this weekend as the main contenders for box office glory. Denzel Washington’s performance in Flight has already sparked whispers of an Oscar nomination from insiders, something that’s always guaranteed to get people fleeing to the movie theaters. However, with much of the East coast of the USA blighted by Hurricane Sandy earlier in the week, the attentions of much of the US public will be elsewhere as people try to recover from the devastation caused there.

Denzel Washington last won an Oscar in 2002, for the crime thriller Training Day. Flight is Washington’s latest stab at the prize. Described on Rotten Tomatoes as an “action packed mystery thriller,” Denzel plays the lead role of the pilot Whip Whitaker, who manages to land a passenger plane after a mid-air catastrophe and saves everyone on board. After being hailed as a hero, it soon becomes clear that something may be amiss with Whitaker and all is not as it seems.

 The critical response to Flight has been largely positive, with Roger Ebert hinting at the power of Denzel’s performance by saying “Not often does a movie character make such a harrowing personal journey that keeps us in deep sympathy all of the way.” High praise indeed from Ebert. In fact, the bulk of the praise for Flight is centered on Washington; Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers surmises “Flight reminds us of what Washington can do when a role hits him with a challenge that would floor a lesser actor. He's a ball of fire, and his detailed, depth-charged, bruisingly true performance will be talked about for years.” Sounds like one not to be missed! Wreck It Ralph might not have ‘Oscar Winner’ stamped all over it but it’s still shaping up to be a strong contender in the popularity stakes this weekend, with only one dissenter failing to give it the thumbs up on Rotten Tomatoes’ round-up of the top critics’ remarks.

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Wreck It Ralph Trailer

Arcade game bad guy Wreck-It Ralph has been doing the same job for over 30 years; smashing up pixelated buildings only for Fix-It Felix to fix them again and save the day. Ralph starts to find it difficult to enjoy his job when nobody else seems to like him for it. He attends a group therapy session with other gaming villains including 'Street Fighter''s Zangief, 'Super Mario Bros'' Bowser, 'Sonic the Hedgehog''s Doctor Ivo Robotnik/Eggman, Kano from 'Mortal Kombat' and a 'Pac-Man' ghost. While they try and convince Ralph that he is not really a bad person, Ralph makes the massive decision that he no longer wants to be the bad guy anymore which shocks the group. He goes on a game-hopping journey and ends up on 'Hero's Duty' where he meets the tough Sergeant Calhoun. However, his game-hopping gets the arcade world into trouble when he accidentally unleashes a deadly villain on the candy racing cart game 'Sugar Rush'. Will Wreck-It Ralph fix it this time and save the day?

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The Dictator Review

Very Good
This may look like a wildly irreverent satire about a North African despot, but it doesn't take long to realise that the filmmakers' target is somewhere else.

And the biting script never pulls its punches, leaping us laughing at the audacity while making a serious point.

Aladeen (Baron Cohen) is the pampered dictator of Wadiya, who travels to New York to tell the UN to stop nosing around his nuclear "energy" plants. But his Uncle Tamir (Kingsley) is plotting to kill him and replace him with a double who will sign a democratic constitution essentially selling the country to oil companies. Aladeen manages to escape, but no one recognises him cleanly shaven, so he teams up with health-food activist Zoey (Faris) and a countryman (Mantzoukas) to get his country back.

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Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Trailer

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are given one billion dollars to make a movie by the Schlaaang Corporation. Instead, the pair spend nearly all of the money and use what little they have remaining to make a three minute movie, which turns out to be a disappointment.

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Carnage Review

Based on Reza's play God of Carnage, this claustrophobic film features only four characters in a single New York apartment. But the acting and directing, as well as a fiendishly entertaining script, make it absolutely riveting.

After their 11-year-old sons are involved in a playground fight, their parents meet to make sure everything is fine. Penelope and Michael (Foster and Reilly), parents of the injured boy, are happy to let bygones be bygones until they begin to suspect that Nancy and Alan (Winslet and Waltz) aren't properly punishing their son. Over the course of the next hour or so, liaisons shift as their civilised surface gives way to seething bitterness. And it certainly doesn't help that they open a bottle of Scotch.

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The Dictator Trailer

General Aladeen is the ruler of a country called Wadiya. However, he is not a fair ruler, he is a dictator and his reign over Wadiya becomes cause for concern for the United Nations, who holds a meeting to discuss the future of the country. General Aladeen is told to attend, so he travels to America, determined not to introduce democracy into his country. While in America, he also wanders around in New York and ends up in bed with a shocked Megan Fox.

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Carnage Trailer

Penelope and Michael Longstreet are horrified when their son, Ethan, comes home from school one day and tells his parents how he was hit in the face with a stick by a classmate, Zachary Cowan. His concerned parents decide the best way to tackle the problem is to invite Zachary's parents, Nancy and Alan, over to their house to talk things over.

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We Need To Talk About Kevin Review

Scottish filmmaker Ramsay takes an astonishingly visceral approach to Lionel Shriver's notorious novel. And combined with Swinton's internalised performance, the experience of watching this dark, disturbing film is almost unbearably moving.

Eva (Swinton) is a shell of her former self, living in isolation as the target of anger from an entire community. She clearly blames herself for an act of violence unleashed by her 15-year-old son Kevin (Miller), and misses her husband (Reilly) and daughter (Gerasimovich). But as she finds a job and starts to put her life together, the memories won't stop swirling in her mind. Does she even deserve to have survived such a horrific event? Can she ever make peace with the grieving, enraged people around her?

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We Need To Talk About Kevin Trailer

Eva is an ambitious woman who is very career orientated, but she puts this to one side in order to give birth to her first child, Kevin. The mother and son relationship is awkward from the very start and despite her best efforts to bond with her child, Eva's attempts are in vain. When Kevin reaches 15, he does something irrational and inexcusable in the eyes of the community and the rest of society.

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9 Review

Very Good
Inventively animated with a striking attention to detail, this offbeat thriller might have trouble finding an audience, as the sweet and scary elements sit rather awkwardly alongside each other. But it's still ambitious and engaging.

Number 9 (Wood) is a brave little creature who wakes up into a decimated city where meets the inventive 2 (Landau), who's promptly captured by a scary monster. Soon 9 finds a community led by conservative leader 1 (Plummer) with his muscly/dim bodyguard 8 (Tatasciore) and obsessive sketch artist 6 (Glover).

It's the friendly 5 (Reilly) who accompanies 9 to rescue 2, and along the way they meet swashbuckling 7 (Connolly) and bookish twins 3 and 4. Together they need to figure out how to stop a voracious soul-sucking machine.

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Dark Water Review

I've just walked out in the middle of "Dark Water"after a noxious hour of prosaically PG-13, hackneyed horror-flick cliches.

Torpid, trite and not the least bit scary -- just unrelen=tinglyunpleasant -- the first 45 minutes of the movie only came to life in twoscenes involving the messy divorce of miserable single mom Jennifer Connelly(proving Oscars don't bring talented actresses good roles). She subsequentlymoves into a drab, creepy cinderblock slum with her sad-eyed daughter (ArielGade), even though it's made very clear that there's nothing keeping herfrom finding a nicer place in the suburbs.

Soon the kid has an "imaginary friend" she won'ttalk about, their ceiling is dripping gooey black liquid from an abandoned(and eerily flooded) apartment upstairs, and the building's greasy manager(John C. Reilly) and bug-eyed, hollow-cheeked building superintendent (PetePostlethwaite) both seem to be hiding something sinister.

Director Walter Salles (the Brazilian behind "TheMotorcycle Diaries," making his inauspicious Hollywood debut) dragsout these routine, oppressively glum establishing scenes to a mind-numbingdegree. (If this apartment building is spooky enough to justify its ownominous soundtrack theme from the moment mom and daughter arrive, how comeConnelly isn't astute enough to realize something's amiss, even if shecan't hear the music?)

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The Perfect Storm Review


Somewhere inside "The Perfect Storm" there's a near-perfect movie drowning under gale-force swells of romanticized sea-faring melodrama.

Here's a stomach-in-knots true story about the rugged crew a swordfishing boat caught in the biggest sea storm in modern history -- a terrifying human saga with unsurpassed, seat-gripping special effects, strong performances from a stellar cast and level of realism so potent you can almost smell the 200-lb. fish and the sweat of the men who scrape together a living endangering their lives to net them at sea.

Yet the movie's potential got gutted in post-production, where director Wolfgang Petersen ("Outbreak," "Air Force One") slathered it in sentimentality weepy voice-overs, choppy editing and an incessant, intrusive score (by "Titanic's" James Horner) that saturates every single frame of the film with pounding tympani and crashing cymbals.

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The Anniversary Party Review


Making a Hollywood story with a decidedly un-Hollywood flair, co-writers, co-directors and co-stars Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming take a casual, almost guerilla approach to their collaborative conception called "The Anniversary Party."

It's a shoestring production shot cinema vérité style in which these two gifted journeyman actors play a shaky show biz couple throwing themselves a sixth anniversary bash even though they've just recently and tentatively reconciled after a big infidelity blow-up.

Their guests -- movie stars, directors, industry types and hangers-on -- seem vaguely uncomfortable congratulating Sally and Joe Therrian (Leigh and Cumming) on their longevity under the circumstances. But in a town where fakery is the norm, it's easy for everyone to put on a happy face -- even the non-industry next-door neighbors (Denis O'Hare and Mina Badie) who have been invited only in an attempt to ease tensions over a barking dog dispute that's threatening to turn legal.

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Never Been Kissed Review


If I see one more high school movie that uses a Literature class Shakespearelesson as a metaphor for raging hormones and whatever else the screenwriteris trying to put across, I swear I'm going to throttle someone.

But such ridiculously hackneyed plot devices are the leastof the problem with "Never Been Kissed," the most agonizing flickever made by Drew Barrymore, an endearing actress with regrettably badtaste in scripts.

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For Love Of The Game Review


It's hard not to admire Kevin Costner for his stanch dedication to making old-fashioned movies that defy our acidic modern world.

Unapologetically sentimental, he insists through films like "Field of Dreams," "The Postman," "Message in a Bottle" and now "For Love of the Game," that melodrama is not outdated, and the man has an aptitude for jerking tears from even the most reluctant ducts.

Sometimes he tries too hard, and frequently he tries too long (it's been 10 years since he made a movie under two hours), but chick flick or cautionary futurist yarn, he almost always succeeds in taking hold of the viewer's heart, even as some of us wince at his methods.

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The Hours Review

Very Good

"The Hours" is an Oscar voter's nightmare. An adaptation of Michael Cunningham's novel about three women in three different time periods whose lives are profoundly affected by Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway," the film features equally magnificent performances of nearly equal screen time from three of the best actresses working in film today.

Meryl Streep submerges herself in the self-sacrificing soul of Clarissa Vaughan, a modern Manhattan book editor whose longtime dear friend -- and volatile ex-lover -- Richard (Ed Harris) likes to ruffle her feathers by comparing her to the heroine of Woolf's book. Both women are externally serene, perfectionist party-throwers hiding deep reservoirs of regret over missed opportunities while living lives as mother-hen caretakers to others.

Julianne Moore plays Laura Brown, a fragile, pregnant 1950s housewife in the midst of reading "Mrs. Dalloway," whose deep depression (like Woolf's) and suicidal musings (like Dalloway's) go all but unnoticed by everyone except her young son (Jack Rovello), who clings to her apron strings with worry.

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