A turbulent week for U.S cinemas, for the East coast anyway, ended with the reopening of many theatres. What better way to dry off those Hurricane Sandy soaked souls than a trip to the movies? Here's our U.S Box Office roundup.

Shooting, collecting coins and levelling up to the top of the charts is Wreck It Ralph - Disney's videogame animation, which tells the tale of a villain with designs on a different role in life. With a hugely impressive $49m on its opening weekend, Wreck It Ralph has proved to be a tremendous success. And you can expect those figures to rise, as industry expects that return to swell to almost $200m before its run is out. With just over half that amount, Denzel Washington's latest project, Flight lands in with $25,01m. The critics have been kind this aviation flick, and don't be fooled by Wreck It Ralph's impressive haul; $25m is a healthy return for an opening weekend. Still going strong in its 4th week is Ben Affleck's Argo; the true story of a CIA extraction mission grabs the #3 spot with $10,245,000. Rapper turn director RZA breaks the top 5 with his debut behind-the-camera effort, The Man With The Iron Fists, which comes in at #4 with $8,219,200. The critically panned Taken 2 is at #5 with $6m - an impressive feat for a film in its 6th week, Liam Neesons thriller has amassed $125.7m so far. 

Cloud Atlas continues its disappointing commercial performance by pulling in $5,250,000, making it #6, while Hotel Transylvania's Halloween appeal wears off at #7 with $4.5m. Paranormal Activity 4, Here Comes The Boom and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D round off the top 10, with $4.3m, $3.6m and $3.3m respectively. Figures compiled from Yahoo Movies.