Wreck-it Ralph, the new computer-animated comedy from Disney, has received storming reviews ahead of its release this week. The movie, featuring the voices of John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, tells the story of an arcade game villain who rebels against his role as a 'baddie' and dreams of becoming a hero.

Noted critic Roger Ebert suggested Disney has got it right yet again, writing, "The art design and color palette of "Wreck-It Ralph" permit unlimited sets, costumes and rules, giving the movie tireless originality and different behavior in every different cyber word." Variety's Peter Debruge also showered the film with praise, writing, "There are a staggering number of rules governing the gameplay in Wreck-It Ralph, and one of the toon's greatest pleasures comes in how intuitively audiences discover those parameters as the story unfolds." As is often perfectly judged by Disney, family movies need to provide as much for adults as they do for children, (see Toy Story) and Justin Lowe of the Hollywood Reporter spoke of Wreck-It Ralph's ability to carry this off with aplomb. "With a mix of retro eye-candy for grown-ups and a thrilling, approachable storyline for the tykes, the film casts a wide and beguiling net," he wrote.

As has been widely reported, Disney completed its takeover of LucasFilm this week, signalling its intention to release several new Star Wars movies.