Professional wrestler John Cena handed out his 300th wish for the 'Make A Wish' Foundation this week, going to visit seven year-old Jonny Littman and offering he and his family the chance to attend the 100th episode of the World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Raw show.
The Associated press puts Cena's good will in perspective by pointing out that Michael Jordan has agreed to 200 wishes in his time, with Kobe Bryant another 100 behind. The latest wish happened on 'Good Morning America' where Cena surprised the wee fella, who was clad in one of the wrester's trademark green t-shirts. "I truly give hats off to Make-A-Wish for keeping statistics," Cena said Monday before the show. "They had a nice little celebration for me at 200, and I humbly said we should do it at 1,000. We're just getting started," he added enthusiastically, admitting that this one was a special one for him, saying "I'm just flattered completely that I could be the wish."
Cena is easily the Wwe's most marketable star, and has been seen by many as being the face of the company since the middle of the past decade when a lot of the wrestler's from the company's recognised Attitude! Era departed. He recently came up against Dwayne Johnson's alter ego The Rock in a recent storyline at Wrestlemania, coming up short in the match itself.