John Cleese gets ''very irritated'' when fans ask to take pictures with him.

The 'Monty Python' star has confessed he hates being asked to pose for photos by members of the public and always refuses to do so whenever he is approached.

Speaking to Magic Radio's Nick Snaith, he said: ''I do get very irritated by people who come up and say, 'Can I have a picture with you?' Now this is someone you have never seen before in your life, who taps you and says, 'Can I have a picture with you?'

''I kind of say, 'What? To commemorate the fact that we met three seconds ago.' I think it is the celebrity culture. So I very nicely say, 'Sorry I don't do that'. And sometimes I say, 'I don't do that but why don't you ask the guy over there?' Because if somebody went up to you in the street and said, 'Could I have a picture with you?' You would say, 'Urgh,'''

While the 75-year-old star won't budge on his decision to avoid being photographed with his fans, John admits his fourth marriage to Jennifer Wade, whom he wed in 2012, has helped him to become more ''flexible''and the ''happiest [he's] ever been''.

He explained: ''I have changed a lot, because I used to plan things very carefully and I used to get very irritated if I had to change my plans. I married my lovely wife, I am the happiest I've ever been, but the only problem with Jenny is that she is a control freak who can't make her mind up.

''If you think about that combination you will realise I have got much more flexible in the last six years than I ever used to be.''