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'We're All Immigrants': Nia Vardalos Deals With Political Topics In My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Nia Vardalos wanted to tackle political themes in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3'.The 60-year-old actress has written and directed the new romantic comedy, in which she reprises the role of Toula Portokalos, and did...

'Down To The Calvin Klein Tighty Whities': Sex And The City's John Corbett Kept All Of Aidan Shaw's Clothes

John Corbett got to keep every item of clothing he wore on 'Sex and the City', including the "tighty whites".The 59-year-old actor has just confirmed he will be reprising his role as Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah...

Nia Vardalos Recruits Entire Cast Of My Big Fat Greek Wedding For Sequel

Vardalos revealed last year (14) that she was working on a follow-up to the Oscar-nominated independent film, about a woman from a traditional Greek family who falls in love with an American man,...

Mia Vardalos Reveals Plans For My Big Fat Greek Sequel

This story is about a big, loud, highly public wedding and we’re not even talking about Kim and Kanye. Go figure.Nia Vardalos has another big fat Greek Story to tell.In the wake of K&K’s wedding,...

John Corbett Releases Second Country Album

Actor John Corbett is making his second foray into country music seven years after releasing his first album.The Sex and The City star's first, self-titled record hit shelves in 2005 and Corbett originally intended to...

Christopher Walken To Sow Wild Oats?

Christopher Walken is in talks to star in 'Wild Oats'. The 67-year-old actor would star alongside Christina Ricci, Shirley MacLaine, John Corbett and Bill Pullman in the movie, written by Claudia Myers and directed by...

Corbett Picked Girlfriend Derek From A List Of Leading Ladies

SEX & THE CITY star JOHN CORBETT's first meeting with girlfriend BO DEREK was a blind date.The actor has revealed the 10 star's name was among a group of leading ladies offered to him as...

John Corbett Returns To Sex And The City 2

John Corbett is reprising his role as Aidan in the second 'Sex and the City' movie. Aidan - Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)'s ex-boyfriend in the television series - meets up with his old flame...

John Corbett Not Returning To Sex

John Corbett will not appear in 'Sex and the City 2'. The 48-year-old actor, who played lead character Carrie Bradshaw's love interest Aidan Shaw in series three and four of the TV show, laughed off...

Bo Derek's Brother Killed

Actress BO DEREK is devastated over a freak motorcycle accident that claimed the life of her younger brother while he was on his way to visit her at her home near Santa Barbara, California. COLLIN...

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