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Arsenal Trailer

Mikey and JP Lindel are two brothers who have always been close. They only had each other's support as they were growing up, and now JP has come out of the other side with his own construction company, while Mikey has taken the more dangerous path of violent gang life. JP wants to get Mikey out of his mobster world and get him a respectable job, but he knows that all he can do is be there for him when it comes down to it. It doesn't mean that he's accepting of Mikey's lifestyle, however - when a mutual friend (plain clothes detectice Sal) informs him that Mikey's been dealing cocaine, he's angry and confronts him, but he has no idea just how bad the situation is. When crime boss Eddie King gets him men to kidnap Mikey's teenage daughter Alexis, JP agrees to team up with Mikey to hunt down the people who are tormenting them and kill them all one by one.

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'Maps To The Stars' May Finally Earn Moore An Oscar

Julianne Moore Mia Wasikowska John Cusack Robert Pattinson

Julianne Moore is one of the greatest actresses never to have won an Oscar, even though she's been nominated four times and has a mantle full of SAG statuettes, Emmys, Golden Globes and critics' group awards.

Julianne Moore appears opposite Mia Wasikowska in 'Maps To The Stars'
Julianne Moore appears opposite Mia Wasikowska in 'Maps To The Stars'

But that could change this year with her Cannes-winning performance in David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars, a viciously astute attack on the myth of the Hollywood dream. Even the critics who hated the film were mesmerised by Moore's performance as a middle-aged actress desperately clinging to her fame.

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'The Butler' Gives Competitors The Brush-Off In First Weekend Success

Forest Whitaker Lee Daniels Oprah Winfrey Alan Rickman Jane Fonda John Cusack Robin Williams

The Butler has outperformed all of its rivals upon its first weekend, having been released on 16th August to much nodding from critics and $25 million (£15.9m) earned. The film showcases an all-star cast, who portray a period of dramatic social upheaval in America, set around the life of the not-entirely-fictional butler, Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker).

The Butler Whitehouse
A Shot From The Movie Showing The Kennedys Meeting The Whitehouse's Staff.

Gaines serves as a butler in the White House for 34 years and eight presidents and uses his unique position to witness important presidential discussions of national civil rights issues as the historical events play out. The movie charts such landmark events as Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, the Vietnam war, the Nixon resignation, Obama's presidential campaign and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Gaines' character is based upon the life of Eugene Allen who worked in the White House from 1952 to 1986.

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'Lee Daniels' The Butler' Beats 'Kick-Ass 2' And 'Jobs' In US Weekend Box Office

Oprah Winfrey Forest Whitaker Terrence Howard Cuba Gooding Junior Alan Rickman John Cusack James Marsden Chloe Moretz Aaron Johnson Christopher Mintz-Plasse Minka Kelly Robin Williams Jane Fonda Mariah Carey Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels' The Butler has defeated other newcomers Kick-Ass 2 and Jobs in the US Weekend Box Office. The Butler has headed straight to number one whilst Kick-Ass 2 and Jobs have respectively gained 4th and 7th place.

Forest WhitakerForest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey who star in Lee Daniels' The Butler as Cecil and Gloria Gaines at the L.A. premiere.

The Butler has made $25 million in its opening weekend and has gained critical praise. The historical epic is inspired by the true story of Cecil Gaines, a black butler who whilst serving at the White House, saw the offices of eight presidents. His life and family form a touchstone for the audience when addressing such historical events as the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of Black Power in the US. 

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Lee Daniels' The Butler Is "Deeply Affecting And Oscar Bait"

Forest Whitaker Oprah Winfrey Alan Rickman Minka Kelly Jane Fonda John Cusack Robin Williams James Marsden

Lee Daniels' The Butler is released today in US cinemas. Early reviews of the historical drama have been mixed although most suggest the film is definitely worth a watch.

Forest Whitaker and Oprah WinfreyForest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey at the L.A. premiere of The Butler.

The film has been praised by critics for being "both deeply affecting and blatant Oscar bait", according to Claudia Puig of USA Today. Whilst Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal wrote in his review "fiction merges with fact, and finally soars."

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A Week In Movies: Ford Joins The Expendables, Thor Strikes Back, And Get Ready For The Biopics

Harrison Ford Sylvester Stallone Bruce Willis Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Tom Hiddleston Anthony Hopkins Idris Elba Stellan Skarsgard Naomi Watts Naveen Andrews Ashton Kutcher Lee Daniels Forest Whitaker Jane Fonda Oprah Winfrey John Cusack Terrence Howard Ricky Gervais Ty Burrell Tina Fey

Harrison Ford

The big news this week was that Harrison Ford will join the Expendables for their third film adventure. Sylvester Stallone tweeted the announcement, then went on to mention that Bruce Willis won't be around this time, apparently because he asked for too much money. Stallone was also caught on camera poking fun at Arnold Schwarzenegger's "big ego". Before they re-team for the next Expendables movie, they're costarring in the prison-break thriller Escape Plan. Watch Sly talking about Arnie at Comic Con here.

The next big superhero blockbuster will be Thor: The Dark World, and we got a more detailed look at the film in a new trailer this week. Pretty much everyone is back, including Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba and Stellan Skarsgard. The movie looks like a huge-scale action adventure with a sense of humour about it. It opens in October. Watch the trailer for Thor: The Dark World here.

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Zach Braff To Star In Woody Allen's 'Bullets Over Broadway'

Zach Braff Woody Allen John Cusack Vincent Pastore

Zach Braff has been cast in a Broadway adaptation of Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway. Set in the 1920's, an apparently fashionable time if popular culture's current obsession with The Great Gatsby and the most recent series of Downton Abbey is anything to go by, the plot centres around a struggling playwright's dealing with the mob.

Zach Braff
Zach Braff at the premiere of Ice Man.

The 1994 film of Bullets Over Broadway saw struggling playwright David (played by John Cusack) forced to choose a talentless actress to star in his play. The actress is the girlfriend of a mobster who has offered, in exchange for her opportunity to tread the boards, to finance David's play.

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Has David Cronenberg Found A Muse In Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson David Cronenberg Julianne Moore John Cusack Sarah Gadon

The director David Cronenberg was seemingly so smitten with his Cosmopolis stars Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon, that he’s signed them up to his next movie project, Maps to the Stars. The movie is set in Los Angeles and according to The Hollywood Reporter, focuses on the celebrity culture of the city. Julianne Moore and John Cusack also star in the movie, which will mark another positive step away from the Twilight stereotyping pitfall for Pattinson.

When he spoke to MTV about working with Cronenberg on Cosmopolis, Pattinson said that working with him was one of the first times that he really considered himself to be an actor. “I had to come to terms with that," he added about getting the chance to hit the set. "That was one of my first questions: 'What do you see in me? Why? Why? Why are you hiring me?' Cronenberg is one of those people when you're asked who you want to work with, he doesn't even come into my head. Because that's like saying, 'Want to work with Orson Welles?'"

Maps to the Stars will be Cronenberg’s fourth collaboration with Prospero Pictures and will feature a screenplay written by Bruce Wagner, the man behind Wild Palms. No official release date has been set for the movie yet. 

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John Cusack Working On New Rush Limbaugh Biopic

John Cusack Rush Limbaugh

John Cusack. Exasperated John, as we call him round these parts; to quote the possibly-just-made-up-now riddle, if the character John Cusack’s playing isn’t looking completely bewildered at the situation he’s finding himself in, then was it really a John Cusack-starring film?

Anyway, there’s going to be a whole new chance for Cusack to get looking vexed, as the Seattle Times is reporting that he is to star in a film biopic of the controversial conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh. There’ll be plenty of scope for looking surprised and generally out of his depth there, then, with Limbaugh over his 30 year career coming across as a bloody-minded and single-visioned man who must constantly be surprised when discovering that others have a different viewpoint from him. It’s an interesting role to take for Cusack, given that he is an outspoken liberal; he’ll be guided in the role by Betty Thomas who is coming in as director. She has plenty of experience in this genre, having directed the Howard Stern biopic Private Parts, which was released in 1997.

Cusack’s publicist has said that the film – going under the working title Rush – isn’t a straight-up biopic. They never are. “It’s a much broader story, about how he reinvented American talk radio over the last 30 years,” she said. We can see Cusack's frown lines creeping across his forehead already.

Mr Liberal John Cusack To Produce And Star In Film About Conservative Radio Host

John Cusack

John Cusak - a staunch and outspoken liberal - is to produce and star in Rush, the working title for a film that tells the story of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Fox reports. 

Betty Thomas, the Hollywood director in charge, has confirmed, alongside Cusack's production company, that the Con Air star will feature in the film, as well as fulfilling a production role. She also confirmed that production would start early next year. Limbaugh paints a controversial figure in the world of politics and current affairs; earlier this year, he called a Georgetown law student a "slut" and a "prostitute" on air for arguing to Democrats in Congress that health plans should pay for contraception. And just this week, he poked fun at Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his "bromance" with Obama after Christie praised the president's response to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

It will be interesting to see how Cusack depicts the larger than life character of Limbaugh; not only are they poles apart morally and politically, they couldn't differ more physically. Cusack cuts a slim figure with dark features, while Limbaugh sports a paunch and is balding. There is no confirmation, however, that Cusack will indeed perform the main role, as his production company offered no other information on the matter. 

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John Cusack's Rush Limbaugh Biopic Set To Go Into Production?

John Cusack Rush Limbaugh Betty Thomas

John Cusack's Rush Limbaugh biopic has been given the green-light, according to Though the project is still in its early stages, Cusack will reportedly play the US conservative talk show host in a movie directed by Betty Thomas (Private Parts).

It is thought the film will focus on the radio host's three-decade rise to prominence. His syndicated show is now the highest rated in America, with a weekly audience of 15 million listeners. The as-yet-untitled biopic won't have a partisan take on the controversial host, despite Cusack's liberal convictions. "The script would explore the rise and reinvention of American talk radio, and Limbaugh's continued influence and impact over the last three decades in that world," said a spokesman for production company True Crimes Productions.

Limbaugh hit the headlines this summer after accusing Christopher Nolan's Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises of using Tom Hardy's Bane to damage Mitt Romney's run for the Presidency. According to The Guardian, he's previously raised eyebrows by proclaiming that African Americans are "left behind" socially because they have been trained to hate the U.S. He also insists that feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to mainstream society.

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John Cusack's Rush Limbaugh Film Set For 2013 Production

John Cusack Rush Limbaugh

John Cusack's Rush Limbaugh biopic will begin filming next year, a report from Cusack's production company New Crime Productions said.

The film, whose working title is Rush, will see the über-liberal actor portray one of America's most outspoken conservatives, which means the slender, fully haired actor will have to undergo some transformation to resemble the portly, balding Limbaugh. Still, this kind of transformation will hardly be Hollywood's biggest achievement to date, so we're not doubting that he'll pull it off.

Director Betty Thomas, who's set to work on the film in some capacity (it is unsure whether she will direct), said the production company, which is owned by Cusack, are currently applying the finishing touches on a script that will star the actor, adding that production will begin next year. So far, no other details about the film have been released about the project.

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John Cusack Working On Rush Limbaugh Biopic

John Cusack Rush Limbaugh Barack Obama Betty Thomas

John Cusack's production company, New Crime Productions, is currently developing a biopic about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, said Friday (Nov 2).

Director Betty Thomas, who's set to work on the film - although it hasn’t been made clear whether she will direct - said the production company are applying the final few touches to the script and that will Cusack will star as Limbaugh. Production for the film, which has the working title of Rush, is set to begin next year, according th The Associated Press.

Although they couldn’t be any more dissimilar, with Cusack a tall, full haired liberal compared with Limbaugh’s overtly right-wing attitude and portly, balding figure being something of a mismatch, we doubt it’ll be too much of a problem once Hollywood’s finest get to work on the project.

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Flashback To The '80s At The Hollywood Bowl For John Cusack And Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel John Cusack

One of the most iconic scenes from teenage rom-coms of the '80s, and the only one to have nothing to do with John Hughes, is from 'Say Anything' John Cusack's character Lloyd Dobler, holding a boombox over his head, Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes' blaring out, in an extravagant declaration of love for Ione Court - Lloyd's high school sweetheart. In an entirely unexpected and utterly delightful remake of this classic scene, this weekend John Cusack sauntered on stage to join Peter Gabriel, with a boombox over his head- declaring his love for the singer? Not quite, Cusack handed the boombox over, and Gabriel held it up for the audience.

Cameron Crowe, director of 'Say Anything', was in the audience and Tweeted "Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on stage together at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. Won't forget that... ever". He described the event as "Surreal and beautiful". The event has sparked further rumours of a 'Say Anything' sequel, twenty years after the original.

Cusack joined Peter Gabriel on his vast 'Back to Front' US 2012 tour. The tour celebrates his classic album 'So', playing the album in its entirety at every show. This tour precedes a year's sabbatical from the industry to spend more time with his family. His tour ends this Sunday, with four dates left to perform in California, Connecticut and Virginia.

Nicole Kidman Refused To Say N-word For 'The Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman Lee Daniels Zac Efron John Cusack Matthew Mcconaughey

Nicole Kidman's latest film, The Paperboy has caused controversy, as she refused to utter the N-word, after an instruction from the film's director to do so, reports The Los Angeles Times.

It's no secret that Lee Daniels sets out to "discombobulate" actors on set, but Kidman was having none of it, and flat out refused to say the N-Word for the upcoming movie. "I didn't feel like it was right for the character," she explained. "I have a son who's African American and I just didn't feel it was right. It wasn't right." That wasn't all Daniels did to throw his stars. "I thought when am I going to shoot the film if we're all doing our own hair and makeup?" explained Kidman after he indeed asked her to do her own makeup, which he thought "freaked her out at the beginning." He also "expected Zac Efron at catering." Fun.

The Paperboy, which also stars Matthew Mcconaughey and John Cusack, sees a reporter return to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate. Early reactions have been mixed, with the film scoring an unimpressive 6.5 on IMDB, and an even less impressive 45% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. The film is due for limited release today (October 5th 2012).

The Paperboy Trailer

Charlotte Bless is a busty, blonde, middle-aged woman who enchants most men she meets with her looks and sexual appeal. She has fallen emphatically in love with Hillary Van Wetter, an inmate on death row accused of murdering a sheriff with whom she is regularly in correspondence with, and plans to marry him once she finds a way of getting him released. She enlists the help of two newspaper reporters to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crime and to gather evidence to prove his innocence. One of their main objections is that the judge who sentenced Wetter did not see the evidence that was presented before him in court. Whilst Charlotte is convinced that Wetter is not a bad person, young Jack Jansen is equally convinced that she doesn't really love Wetter and becomes deeply infatuated with her.

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The Raven Trailer

One dark night in 19th century Baltimore, a woman and her young daughter are found brutally murdered. The girl was stuffed into the chimney, while her mother's throat had been slashed. Upon inspecting the crime scene, the police are astonished to discover that the murder is exactly like a murder in a story by an unpopular citizen and struggling author, Edgar Allen Poe.

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Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

When Adam and Nick discover their friend Lou almost killed himself (by accident, though they're not convinced) they decide to take him and Adam's nephew away for a break. Where better to take their old mate than Kodiak Valley Ski Resort a place where all three men have fond memories of their past.

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The Contract Review

How'd a reasonably-big ($25 million) budget picture starring John Cusack and Morgan Freeman and directed by twice-Oscar-nominated Bruce Beresford go absolutely nowhere? I'd never even heard of The Contract until the DVD showed up at my house. I wager you're the same... and few will even see it on home video, either.

The story begins with decent promise as Freeman is revealed to be a stellar hitman, only his cover is finally blown and the many enemies he's made over the years come after him. He escapes an elaborate assassination and runs into the wilderness, only to be apprehended (because he's in handcuffs) by a camping father (John Cusack) and his son. While the trio attempts to get back to civilization to turn Freeman in, they're pursued by the bad guys and the good guys, and they still have to deal with harsh terrain surrounding them. Beresford's setup starts strong but soon peters out and gets repetitive as Cusack faces down one impossible situation after another, but never with much finesse. It's just running around on a mountain, often in the dark: The final showdown takes place completely and absurdly without lighting and pretty much seals the movie's doom.

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1408 Review

Very Good
You do not have to read the original short story "1408," part of the longer anthology Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales, to know that the central idea comes from author Stephen King. In fact, one must assume that the movie was pitched in production meetings as "The Shining in New York." And while it's true that this cinematic take on "1408" recycles so many narrative strings tied to King's overall body of work, it somehow modifies them into a surprisingly fresh, tight and effective thriller.

Renowned travel writer Mike Enslin (John Cusack), like most characters in King's ouvere, is haunted by his own demons. Hiding behind alcohol and a refined cynicism, Enslin scours the country for legitimate haunted habitats, rating rooms on a "shiver scale." A bed-and-breakfast with good food but moderate mood gets five skulls, in his opinion. This movie, based on Enslin's most terrifying encounter, would receive a solid eight skulls.

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Con Air Review

It wasn't necessarily obvious (or even possible to know) at the time of its 1997 release, but Jerry Bruckheimer's Con Air would represent his finest hour. Bruckheimer isn't the director, of course, but rather the rare movie producer who would claim possessive credit on almost any of his projects. Bruckheimer branches into cheesy thrillers, cheesy inspirational dramas, cheesy inspirational sports dramas, and cheesy television procedurals, but Con Air finds the super-producer munching on his bread and butter: a loaf of action movie, with melted cheese on top.

Not only that, but it's assembled using all of Bruckheimer's tried and tested techniques: Mix movie stars and indie heroes into an eclectic, slumming cast and have them act in a ludicrously high-concept scenario. (Here it is: The worst criminals in the country team up to hijack their prison transport plane! And it's up to one man to stop them!) Then spend lots of money but indulge in a cynical jokiness, and hire a director who will shoot the whole thing like it's a music video or a commercial (preferably for itself).

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Fat Man And Little Boy Review

The trouble with true stories is a subject I like to tackle. I really hit it hard with Patch Adams, which was idiotic enough to use "based on a true story" as its tag line. Likewise, I'm not going easy on Fat Man and Little Boy for the fact that it is based on fact.

Fat Man and Little Boy, for anyone who has been locked up for the past sixty years, are the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan. The movie is basically a humanization of the people who invented in, the team of crackpot physicists on the Manhattan Project (led by Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, played by Dwight Schultz) and the military general in charge (Leslie Groves, played by Paul Newman). John Cusack plays the wunderkid of the physicists, Michael Merriman. Laura Dern plays his girlfriend, a nurse.

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Breakfast With Hunter Review

Very Good
"Breakfast" for Hunter S. Thompson means a tray full of uneaten food and a large glass of ice filled with Chivas Regal.

With the meal out of the way, we can sit down to the rest of this documentary, a rough and unpolished chronicle of a few years in Thompson's life, roughly 1996-1998, during the planning and making of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Director Wayne Ewing must be great friends with the notorious writer, as he appears to have unhindered access to the minutiae of Hunter's life. In addition to the various meetings (lots of honorary dinners, lots of speeches in his honor, a handful of public appearances), we go behind the scenes -- most notably to bear witness to his squabbles with Repo Man director Alex Cox, the original director of Fear and Loathing, who wants to have a cartoon opening to the movie.

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Cradle Will Rock Review

Very Good

A wonderfully ambitious, old-school ensemble piece, very much in the can-do spirit of the community to which it pays homage, "Cradle Will Rock" is a politically-undertoned dramedy about theater, censorship, ambition, apprehension, oppression, Orson Welles and the Great Depression.

Written and directed by Tim Robbins -- never one to shy away from cause-fueled entertainment -- this passionate labor of love celebrates and fictionalizes a legendary moment in American theater, when the government shut down the performance of a musical produced by the Works Progress Administration -- and the actors, at the risk of losing their jobs during the bleakest economic season in U.S. history, staged it anyway in a show of inspiring solidarity.

The play was entitled "The Cradle Will Rock" and its story of a greedy industrialist taken down by the organized working man made a lot of federal bureaucrats see red -- as in communism.

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