Review of Louis Gordon - Crash and Burn Album by John Foxx

John Foxx & Louis Gordon

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John Foxx and Louis Gordon -Crash and Burn - Album review
I have a lot of respect for these guys in terms of individuality. John Foxx is best known for his work with Ultravox. He held the attention of both The Clash and Roxy music when Bryan Ferry left. He was asked to play for both. Now having left Ultravox after Island Records ended there record deal Foxx decided to do things more his own way with songwriter pal Louis Gordon.

Together- producing a dry sounding Depeche mode. Basically this album is constructed using voice and keyboards. Though the overall ideas are original the lyrics are often too bland to have an impact on the person listening. It is a piece of music built around 12 tracks backed in distribution by Universal Music which is always a good helping hand into the market world.

John Foxx and Louis Gordon -Crash and Burn - Album review

Much like the 80's sound the feel to this is based on that era which is slightly a shame. But in another way contradicting as they have managed to hold onto the sound they grew with at the time when things were really starting to happen for them. The 6th song Sex video and initial album started Drive provides us with a straight to the point perspective of the vision they are creating. It's very much simple repetitive beats and deep hollow words timed to perfection. There is chiming sounds bouncing loops and disco realms, there's also more than a hint of darkness to them. For those who remember their period in music we have something to play with. Crash and Burn is worth looking for on those shelves.