The former Red Hot Chili Peppers star split from Nicole Turley in May (15) and handed over an initial payment of $20,000 (£12,500) to help her out as they worked out their divorce.

However, musician Turley insisted she needed $75,000 (£46,875) a month to maintain the lifestyle she had become accustomed to, a request Frusciante has branded "crazy".

In legal papers filed last week (ends16Oct15), the guitarist insisted he shouldn't have to keep funding her music efforts, alleging she uses $21,000 (£13,125) just to rent a recording studio.

The case went back to court on Monday (19Oct15), when a Los Angeles judge raised Frusciante's monthly fee to $53,395 (£33,372). He also ordered the rocker to cover his ex-wife's living expenses, which include $14,000 (£8,750) for rent and utilities, and pick up her $71,000 (£44,375) legal bill, reports

The ruling is only temporary until the former couple, which wed in 2011, settles its divorce.