John Galliano was ''filled with anxiety'' when he was faced with designing a new fashion collection during lockdown.

The fashion designer admitted it was tough, at first, when he decided to create the new pieces of clothing whilst working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, but once he ''embraced the unknown'' and accepted reality, he found it a lot easier and got back into the swing of things.

Asked what it was like designing a collection in lockdown, he admitted: ''In the beginning, it filled me with anxiety - and like everyone, of course, we had to deal with practical challenges. To me, it became a matter of turning those challenges into a sense of resourcefulness. I applied some of the things I've been fortunate to have been taught in the past. It's like a mourning period - once you accept reality, you are able to embrace the unknown. And so it became a driving force - the feeling that nothing would stand in the way of creativity.''

And the 59-year-old creative director of fashion house Maison Margiela knows fashion will change dramatically following the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to AnOther magazine, he added: ''What I eventually realised during the lockdown period was that fashion as we've known it in the past will never be the same, at least not until a vaccine is found.

''For the moment, I hope the format we adapted to this season can be a new way of communicating and exploring one's collection. I don't really like doing those big shows any more, because so often the focus is taken off the clothes. I prefer smaller shows. For now, I'm happy treading gently in this new direction.''