John Goodman is to star in 'The Hangover III'.

The 60-year-old actor looks set to play an antagonist in the third instalment of the comedy franchise and his part is believed to be a similar one to Paul Giamatti's role of Kingsley in last year's 'The Hangover II', Variety reports.

John will be in good company in the movie, which sees lead characters Bradley Cooper (Phil), Zach Galifianakis (Alan) and Ed Helms (Stu) all return in their respective roles, and boxer Mike Tyson will also make another Cameo in the motion picture.

While details of The Script - which has been co-written by director Todd Phillips and Craig Mazin - have been kept largely under wraps, the project is expected to see Phil and Stu attempt to break Alan out of a mental hospital.

Todd is also thought to be keen to sign Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. up for Cameo roles in the movie, which looks set to return to its Roots and be shot in Las Vegas, where the first movie was filmed, just off the city's famous strip at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino.

Series veterans Ken Jeong (Leslie Chow) and Mike Epps (Black Doug) are also reprising their roles for the third instalment of the franchise, as well as Heather Graham, who played Las Vegas stripper Jade in the first instalment of the film.

Warner Bros. are planning to release the motion picture on May 24, 2013.