American singer/songwriter John Grant considered suicide following the completion of his debut solo album, because his struggle with sobriety and the end of his long-term relationship left him in the depths of despair.
The gay rocker spent years battling drink and drug addiction, before finally kicking his bad habits in 2004.
The former The Czars frontman made a return to music in 2009 when he went into the studio to record his acclaimed album, Queen of Denmark, a collaboration with rock band Midlake.
Grant admits he was plunged into a dark depression after the record was finished, because a crushing a split from his boyfriend left him feeling trapped - and he credits his loved ones with getting him through the tough times.
He tells Britain's Q magazine, "I was convinced taking my life was the only option. The reason I've made it is because I'm surrounded by incredible people. Quitting drinking just exposes all of the rot that you've been covering up for so long. The fact that I didn't drink this last year is a miracle to be honest."