Singer/songwriter John Grant was able to obtain a last-minute U.S. passport last month (Jul11) after flashing a front-page newspaper picture of himself to American Embassy staff.
The former The Czars star picked up the Best Live Act trophy at the Mojo Awards in London on 21 July (11), and was set to jet to Verona, Italy for a gig the following day, but misplaced his passport.
However, his award win helped him prove his identity to embassy employees after he showed a newspaper photo of himself at the ceremony.
He explains, "Luckily I was on the cover of The Times that morning. When I showed that to the security guard, he said 'Well, that's good enough for me.'
"In about a half hour I was on my way back to the airport to catch a later flight to Verona and ended up making our stage time, so it all worked out really well."