There have been a few rumours recently that there may be a return of the much-loved mockumentary 'The Office' coming soon, though it doesn't appear that John Krasinski has been in the loop if it's true. Nonetheless, he admits that he would love to return to that show.

John Krasinski at the SAG AwardsJohn Krasinski at the SAG Awards

The 38-year-old played paper salesman Jim Halpert on the American version of the show which ran from 2005 to 2013. But despite the fact that one of the best things about the show was his relationship with receptionist Pam Beesly, he says he hasn't had a call from NBC asking him to return for a reboot.

'I did hear that [there was going to be a reboot]. On the internet', he told Ellen DeGeneres. 'Guess who didn't get a call. Me! What does that say? NBC's like, 'You know who we didn't like? Jim'. It better not be true.'

When Ellen insisted that they wouldn't bring 'The Office' back without John, he adds: 'Well, it looks like they are! I haven't gotten a call yet.'

It's very unlikely that they'll bring the show back without him, unless of course they were planning a series with all new characters. Still, it would be a shame for the original cast not to be involved in some way, and John would certainly be up for making a return to the franchise.

'Oh my God, are you kidding?! I would love to get that gang back together', he says. 

Lately, John has been shooting for the Amazon Prime series 'Jack Ryan', based on the Tom Clancy character, and he also completed writing, directing and producing a new horror film entitled 'A Quiet Place' which comes out in April.

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'I don't like scary movies or any of that stuff so I'm the perfect person to direct a scary movie', he joked.