Actor John Krasinski has urged his peers not to bet against George Clooney on the basketball court - because the movie star is a formidable opponent. The star of America's The Office spin-off challenged Clooney to a game of hoops during a break from their new period sports movie Leatherheads, wagering he could beat the Oscar winner. Krasinski says, "I was like, movie stars can't jump... He beat me handily." Clooney picks up the story, adding, "He's a really good athlete. He said, 'I'll kick your butt.' I thought he'd take me because he's younger and taller. "But I beat him straight up. And he paid right there, but I didn't take his money. "He still comes to my house on Sundays and we still play - but not for money because he can't afford it." To pay Clooney back after losing the basketball bet, Krasinski arranged for a net to be erected at the Oscar winner's holiday home in Italy.