Review of feat. Lauryn Hill - So High Single by John Legend

John Legend
feat. Lauryn Hill
So High
Single Review

John Legend feat. Lauryn Hill - So High Single

Well you'd expect a wonderful combination with the legendary Lauryn Hill, back with all the talent and genius that we know about her, and the ultra-smooth John Legend who is probably the most sophisticated singer in r'n'b at the moment. 'So High' lives up the profile and this duet is a dreamy number that is laced in marsh mellow smoothness and cupid romance. Lauryn raps on this track and shows that she's still the 1st Lady and Mr Legend starts singing is his sensitive, heartfelt way. When the two sing together they send us to heaven and we picture love at it's most pure. The sweetness of this track kinda' reminds me of the serenity of The Ohio Players or Prince. However it's more a youthful expression of love rather than any steamy or sassy sentiments that has innocent cartoon serenity. It's all about positivity, appreciation and sweet harmony. Fun frolics in the land of love.

Tareck Ghoneim

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