John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have "more love and more joy" in their house now.

The couple's older children, Luna, seven, and five-year-old Miles have "adjusted quite well" to having welcomed two siblings into the world this year, Esti, who was born in January, and Wren, who was born via surrogate in June, and they are adoring life as a family of six.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', John said: "Well, you know, it was two to three and then quickly three to four. And I think the biggest adjustment was you know the older kids getting used to having babies around."

Explaining Luna and Miles have "adjusted quite well", he added: "They're such good older siblings and we have a lot of fun.

"It's just more love and more joy in the house, honestly."

And things are getting more "exciting" because little Esti is already crawling.

The 'All of Me' singer exclaimed: "Esti is crawling! Things are happening!

"She's kind of fast. I think she's the earliest crawler in our family so far. So, I'm pretty excited."

Chrissy, 37, recently admitted she "never knows what to expect" when it comes to her family, though she thinks they are "solid" now.

She told People magazine: "We just got back from a little trip to Mexico. We actually planned this a long time ago before we knew that we'd have the type of babies that could do this kind of thing. But luckily, we got so lucky with Esti and Wren that they are actually the easiest parts of our family now.

"What's great is knowing that our family is solid now. Hopefully, there's no new changes in the next year and this is our tight number now.

"Of course, when things are great, they're gonna get harder and when things are hard, they're gonna get great. You never know what to expect, but I'm really happy that we did that for them and for us. It was really fun, even though it is nice to be home and be around all of our own stuff again."