John Legend loves making "people's dreams come true" on 'The Voice'.

The 45-year-old singer has starred on the hit TV show since 2019 and he's loved the experience so far.

John - who is married to model Chrissy Teigen - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I love coaching on 'The Voice'.

"I love working with our artists, just seeing people's dreams come true through this show, giving them all the advice I've gotten over the years, helping them learn from all the experiences that I've had over the years. It's a lot of fun for me."

Despite this, John expects some stiff competition from the other judges, including Reba McEntire.

He said: "[Reba's] obviously very seasoned in her career, she's done everything from television to many, many, many, many, many hit songs over her career and performing on every stage you can imagine.

"She just brings such a wealth of experience and expertise to our show. We're so lucky to have her."

John previously starred on the show alongside Blake Shelton, before he quit 'The Voice' in 2023.

And John believes that only Gwen Stefani, Blake's wife, could convince him to make a return to the TV show.

John explained: "I feel like Gwen is the only chance we have. I don't think Blake is coming back.

"He is staying on the farm, he's enjoying himself. I've talked to him and he's, like, picking corn.

"He sent us some fresh corn from the farm, he sent us some fresh peaches from the farm, we made peach cobbler. I don't think he has any desire to come back to Hollywood and film 'The Voice'."

However, John and his wife remain in touch with the country music star.

He said: "We have different group chats for each combo of coaches and then Chrissy, Gwen, and Blake and I have a group chat where we're just couples talking. We usually stay in touch with each other and we're friends - it's just a good vibe with all the other coaches."