US fans bid farewell to ‘Downton Abbey’ on Sunday night (March 6th), after six seasons of the British drama. While the show’s ending might have disappointed some, on Monday night's episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, fans were given what they really wanted, a reworking of the theme with lyrics by John Legend.

John LegendJohn Legend has reworked the ‘Downton Abbey’ theme.

Describing the series, which aired on PBS, as ‘a show set in a more dignified time, a time when marrying your cousin was seen as a classy thing to do,’ Kimmel introduced Legend and his piano to perform the lyrical version of the theme.

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“Everyone we know is very white," Legend began singing. ”We don't have one black friend. Mary and Edith love to fight. We dress in formal wear for dinner almost every night.”

Legend then took a pop at the Dowager Countess, played by Dame Maggie Smith, singing: "Grandmama is always such a witch. She needs to get laid. She’s always ready with a diss.”

"It is time for tea and then a nap. I want a scone right now,” he continued. “Lets all ride horses and talk smack.”

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The song ended with Legend turning his attention to the unlucky in love Edith, who finally got her happy ending on Sunday night. "Edith is such a loser,” Legend sang. “Why won't she just die? Why? Why? As fitting as Legend’s version of the theme is, we sadly can’t see ‘Downton’ adopting it for future reruns.

Watch John Legend add lyrics to the ‘Downton Abbey’ theme song below: