The microphone John Lennon used to record his 1971 album Imagine is up for sale on listings website

The London-based seller, who is asking for $2,250 (£1,500) for the Neumann mic, claims it was taken from Ascot Sound Studios, which Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono built in the grounds of their Berkshire, England.

The validity of the microphone has yet to be confirmed, but the seller reveals it was a gift to him from his brother.

Lennon's limited edition Rickenbaker guitar is also available for sale on the site - the California-based owner is seeking $3,200 (£2,100) for the instrument, stating, "The Beatles sound was from this guitar, and here, is one of 660 of the signature models made."

He adds, "Guitar comes from a smoke free home, has No scratches or wear marks, in fact it has rarely been played. And has never even been gigged, studio use only. Neck and body are in mint condition."