John Lennon's ex-girlfriend May Pang is set to stun fans in a new documentary by revealing her former lover wasn't her favourite Beatle.
In Seth Swirsky's new movie Beatles Stories, Pang, who romanced Lennon in the mid-1970s after he split from Yoko Ono, admits her ex once asked her who her Fab Four favourite was - and wasn't pleased with the answer.
She says, "John said, 'Who is your favourite Beatle?' and I said, 'Ringo'. I was so embarrassed. I said, 'But your songs were it. I loved your songs'. Which is true. I loved his songs but my favourite Beatle was Ringo.
"John was quite upset, actually."
Swirsky's film also features anecdotes from Ringo Starr's ex-girlfriend Nancy Lee Andrews and George Harrison's first love Iris Caldwell, as well as a host of Beatles engineers and assistants and celebrities like Justin Hayward, Art Garfunkel, Brian Wilson, Henry Winkler and Jon Voight.