In ‘Love is Strange, Ben (John Lithgow) and George’s (Alfred Molina) marriage complicates their everyday lives as George is subsequently fired from his job as a teacher at the local catholic school.

Love is StrangeLove is Strange sees Ben and George stuck with nowhere to live

The result: Ben and George must find a new place to live, but the gentrification of New York has seen the housing market become tremendously difficult to navigate, meaning the newlyweds have to shack up with friends, surviving off George’s private piano lessons and Ben’s pension. 

Of course, separating from each other after getting married isn’t exactly ideal, and what’s more, they’re only getting in everyone’s way as they try and get on with their own lives. Living with friends and relatives isn’t easy, and the pair 

The movie focuses on the quiet times between the stuff traditionally reserved for plot; it closely examines the relationship between these two men facing an intricate social problem with gay marriage. 

“Love is Strange was made truly independently,” said screenwriter Mauricio Zacharias of the film, which also stars Marisa Tomei, Cheyenne Jackson, Charlie Tahan, Darren E. Burrows, Sebastian La Cause, Christian Coulson. Director Ira Sachs has also made “Lady” and “Keep the Lights On.”

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“Big names help promote the film, of course, but the great thing about them is that they’re stars for a reason: they’re really good at what they do, they command the attention, the camera loves them and they usually make your lines sound better!”

The film debuted at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. “Love Is Strange” will hit theaters Aug. 22.