Rocker John Lydon has blamed his former bandmate Jah Wobble's management team for scuppering a full Public Image Ltd. reunion.
Former Sex Pistols star Lydon announced in 2009 he was putting PiL back together after a 17-year hiatus, but bassist Wobble confirmed he would not be joining the line-up.
Wobble insisted he turned down the reunion offer as Lydon was only in it for the money - but now his former bandmate has hit back, claiming Wobble wanted to join the tour until his managers stepped in and demanded a higher cut of the group's future earnings.
Lydon tells Uncut magazine, "I asked Wobble, would he like to tour with us, and he was in agreement. But it ended up his management thought he should get more than anyone else, including myself.
"That was unacceptable. I will always forgive them. I don't hold any hatred for them. But I am not going to let them monkey in my business. It is putting a spanner in the works in a spiteful way."