Punk icon John Lydon was too busy playing dad to late stepdaughter Ari Up's twins to revive Public Image Ltd. prior to last year (11), insisting he took his role as a father figure very seriously.
The Sex Pistols star reveals he took on guardian duties to The Slits singer's kids almost two decades ago and put his music career on hold to make sure the troublesome twins got a good education.
He tells RollingStone.com, "Arianna (aka Ari Up), God rest her soul... her kids came to live with me some 15, 20 years back now. I had to get involved in Parent Teacher Association meetings and all of that.
"I'm the kind of bloke, where, if I'm going to play the daddy role, I do it."
And he admits his grandchildren weren't the best behaved kids: "God, they were horrible to deal with! I love them very much, but they were so bad, and in many ways reminded me of me when I was at that age."
Ari Up lost her battle with cancer in 2010, aged 48. Lydon announced the sad news on his website.